Korea’s representative red ginseng, Cheong-Kwan-Jang & Primium Spa G


Spa G, Package A (Foot spa + Back Treatment + Facial Treatment)

During 120mins

Our package programs are customized to provide the most appropriate treatments for you. Our package program is a program that allows you to take precise reasons for tiredness and receive appropriate treatments. Check out the various programs and choose the program that suits you, and you will be able to recover your condition more effectively.


Foot Spa 

Foot is the 2nd heart in our body. Foot masage make your body release. 

* If you want, you can change to Hydro Spa


Red Ginseng Hydro Spa

For the tension and headache from stress, relax the whole body in the warm spa. If you drink a plum tea together with to help the digestive function, you feel healing whole body!


Back Treatment 

The main of Spa! Back treatment! Just feel the touch of SPA G's therapist on the red ginseng oil.


Facial Care 

They will touch your skin muscle and blood point with oil. After intensive care, Red Ginseng Collagen Pack keeps you moisturizing.


DONGINBI Oil for Facial Care


We provide valuable beauty to your skin. By wholly concentrating the heritage of Cheong Kwan Jang and its one hundred and seventeen years of artisan spirit, we have completed the development of pure red ginseng cosmetic products that utilize the mystical skin aid qualities of six year old red ginseng that was hidden for millennia.

Red ginseng essence, the core hydrating component in Donginbi, is not red ginseng water produced by thinning red ginseng concentrate in purified water. It is the true essence of red ginseng, produced by steaming red ginseng in high temperature to concentrate each droplets of steam that contains explosive hydrating energy of red ginseng. 

After program, you'll take a cup of tea and a rest in relax lounge  

A space where elegant Korean aesthetics is alive with high quality refreshments! 

If you want to have your own healing time in the city center of Seoul, come to the luxurious Spa G.















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